Cannondale SLICE 105 (miehet) (51, 54cm)


Cannondale SLICE 105 (miehet) (51, 54cm)

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Lose the tunnel vision! The all-new Slice goes beyond the controlled environment of the wind tunnel to give triathletes the best possible performance in the real world.

It balances swift aerodynamics with unreal weight, run-enhancing comfort, Guru data-driven fit and stable, confident handling, all wrapped up in a package that’s easy to set-up, travel with and service.

It’s Real Tri Technology for Real Triathletes. It’s a better way to tri. 

Learn about the 2015 Slice.

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  • Värit: Black/green
  • Runko: All New Slice, BallisTec Carbon, AERO SAVE, Di2 ready, BB30A
  • Etujousitus: All New Slice, BallisTec Carbon, 1-1/8"
  • Koot: 51, 54cm
  • Jarrut: Shimano 105 5800, Direct Mount